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What is VAT Return Filing in UAE?

According to VAT laws in UAE, a taxable person or a Company is responsible to submit their VAT Return by filling a form in the format as prescribed by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The procedure for VAT return filing should be initiated within 28 days from the end of each tax period. The VAT file returns are to be submitted on FTA’s official website without any delay. If in any case a company/individual fails to submit their VAT return on time, they would have to pay hefty fines.

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How to apply for VAT Return Filing in UAE?

Taxpayers must register on the FED (Federal Tax Authority) site using their Emirates ID in order to access the VAT system and file VAT returns in the United Arab Emirates. An online platform dubbed “e-DIRECT” has also been established to facilitate this process by offering taxpayers facilities for filing VAT returns.

Furthermore, VAT payers have the option of using third-party VAT return filing services, which are offered by a number of businesses. Top tax professionals in the UAE offer effective services for filing VAT returns and aid with producing VAT returns and immediately submitting them to regulatory bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline for filing VAT returns in the UAE is generally 28 days after the end of the tax period. For example, if the tax period is January to March, the deadline for filing the VAT return would be around the end of April.
Yes, there are specific requirements for VAT return filing in the UAE. Registered businesses need to maintain proper accounting records, ensure accurate calculations of VAT, and use approved electronic systems for filing VAT returns. It is recommended to consult the FTA guidelines and seek professional advice to comply with the specific requirements.
Yes, businesses can amend VAT returns after filing in the UAE if errors or omissions are identified. However, any amendments should be made within the specified time limits and through the proper channels provided by the FTA. It is important to maintain proper documentation and notify the FTA of any changes made to the original VAT return.

VAT returns can be filed electronically through the FTA’s online portal called “e-Services.” Registered businesses need to log in to their accounts on the FTA portal and follow the steps to submit the VAT return online.

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