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VAT Refund in Dubai

What is VAT Refund Filing in Dubai, UAE?

A VAT return describing the VAT owed to the FTA for the period of taxation must be filed by each Taxable Person. The Taxable Person may ask for a VAT refund in the UAE after submitting the VAT return or during any subsequent time when they are due a credit if the input tax on a VAT return is more than the output tax.

The FTA will assess the application and notify the Taxable Person of its decision to accept or reject the refund claim within 20 business days of the application being submitted where the Taxable Person submits a claim for a refund of excess refundable tax.

VAT Reimbursement UAE

What are the documents required for VAT Refund in UAE?

  • VAT refund application form (Microsoft Excel format).
  • 5 highest tax invoices from Standard Rated Expenses (in term of values).
  • 5 highest official and commercial documents related to zero rated supplies (in term of values)
  • 5 highest tax invoices related to Sales and other and outputs (in term of values).
  • IBAN Validation Letter

VAT Refund for Tourists in UAE

It is possible for visitors to the UAE to collect their VAT refunds for costs paid there. Visitors who do not reside in any of the GCC countries that have implemented VAT are nevertheless covered by the scheme. The VAT they paid on an item they purchased while visiting the UAE can be refunded to tourists who fulfill the requirements.

  • Tax-free tags.
  • Relevant tax invoices.
  • Boarding pass (in cases of departure through the air or sea borders).
  • Original valid passport or national ID card (based on the requirements to enter the UAE) – Copies are not accepted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum threshold for a VAT refund filing in the UAE is AED 2,000. Refunds below this threshold are not processed.

The FTA aims to process refund applications within a specific timeframe, usually within 20 business days from the date of submission. However, this may vary based on the complexity of the application and the FTA’s workload.

No, VAT refunds are only applicable to certain categories, such as business-related expenses like exhibitions, conferences, and business meetings. Personal expenses are generally not eligible for refund.
If your application is rejected, you may have the option to appeal the decision by providing additional supporting documents or clarifications. It’s important to review the rejection reasons provided by the FTA and take appropriate action.

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