A Guide to Corporate Tax Registration in UAE

The decision that corporate tax registration in UAE, will be implemented beginning with the fiscal year 2023 has positioned the nation for a paradigm shift in tax compliance. Organizations that operate in the UAE are required to evaluate their corporate tax qualification and compliance needs, including tax registration, tax de registration, tax return filing, and tax payment requirements.

Businesses in the UAE should seek guidance and support from knowledgeable corporate tax consultants in the UAE, like ACL tax consultants, in order to more effectively set up for the corporate tax regulatory obligations.

How to Register?

The pre-registration of corporate taxes in the EmaraTax platform has been announced by the Federal Tax Authority. Taxpayers can manage all of their registrations, returns, refunds, de registrations, and payments online through this portal. The user-friendly EmaraTax interface makes it simple to register for corporation tax online.

Using these straightforward EmaraTax Login instructions, you can register for an account or transfer your FTA Account to EmaraTax. To properly register for corporation tax in the UAE, you might need to provide all the necessary paperwork.

Who all are bound to do corporate tax registration in UAE?

In the UAE, several categories of taxable people are subject to corporate tax: 

  • UAE businesses as well as additional legal entities: This encompasses legal entities that are successfully managed and controlled, or that have been incorporated, within the UAE. 

  • Individuals performing a business or commercial activity: Natural persons (individuals), as defined by a future Cabinet Decision, who participate in commercial activity in the UAE are subject to corporate tax. 

  • Non-resident legal entities with a permanent business: According to Section 8 of the Corporate Tax Law, foreign legal entities that have an established presence in the UAE are subject to corporate tax. 
Corporate Tax Registration in UAE

Documents Needed to Register for Corporate Tax in the UAE

The following paperwork is required in order to register for corporation tax online in UAE

  • A copy of the owner’s and authorized signatory’s trade license, passport, and Emirates ID
  • Association Memorandum (MOA)
  • In the event of an authorized signature, a power of attorney (POA)
  • Contact information (email and mobile number) for the concerned individual
  • Contact information for the organization, including its full address and P.O.
  • the corporate tax period

It is essential to have the necessary documentation on hand for firms looking to register for corporation tax online in the UAE in order to guarantee a successful registration process. At ACL, we recognize the significance of abiding with UAE corporate tax laws. The rules and procedures involved in business tax registration are well-known to our skilled team. We can help you compile the required paperwork and navigate the registration procedure to make sure your company complies with UAE tax regulations.

As you start your business tax journey in the UAE, put your trust in ACL Tax Consultants to offer you knowledgeable direction and support.

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